Married Print – Infrared Dreams in Times of Transparency
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The poster zine Married Print features the essay »Infrared Dreams in Times of Transparency« by Vika Kirchenbauer and an image by Amrei Hofstätter illustrating this text. Formally, the essays and illustrations in Married Print are supposed to seize on the material form of this folded poster, unfolding and fracturing dichotomies in order to make visible their inner workings ― by (absurd) exaggerations, juxtapositions and superpositions. The format offers the contributors the opportunity to investigate their ideas in depth and size often not provided in magazines, and opens an unusal frame for this classic interplay between text and image.
The use of heavy offset paper and the folding allow easy handling in order to follow the article on one side of the big sheet, while the illustration waits on the flipside to be unfolded as a poster. The frontpage features a custom-made typeface that makes possible poster-like lettering, while the article itself is set in a smooth and simple two-column layout.
For more information on Married Print please visit married-print.com.