Fabian Ginsberg – Organisation 1 & 2
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»Organisation 1 & 2« presents works and installation views from two of Fabian Ginsberg’s correlating exhibitions. Without any kind of introduction or commentary, screen-shots and documentary photos serve as additional means of contextualization, as does the choice of the appropriated cover image and the texts from two videos central to the exhibitions. Several black double-page spreads with these texts printed in tiny type serve a transition from »Organisation 1« to »Organisation 2«. The choice of bulky book paper corresponds to the unpolished character of Ginsberg’s works and his use of casual materials. Full page close-ups on the other hand bring to bear the subtleties and details in the surfaces of the works, while these pages also emphasize the use of repetition and variation in the presented series of works. »Organisation 1 & 2« has 128 pages and is published by Kerber.