Attac – Die Gipfelproteste in Hamburg.
Global gerecht statt G20!
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The course of events at the G20 protests in Hamburg 2017, their coverage by the media and reactions in politics and society, reinforced Attac in the idea to publish a book with their views of the whole issue. »Die Gipfelproteste in Hamburg. Global gerecht statt G20!« is a collection of reports, conversations, opinions, evaluations and photographs as diverse as the protests and the members of Attac themselves. In order to reflect the personal involvement of the members and the variety of voices engaged in the (ongoing) discussions, DICEY incorporated a certain level of non-professionalism and preliminarity in the design. Based on the visual elements and designs (see here) already developed for the mobilization for the protests — also pointing out the character of the book as a followup — DICEY implemented a layout that is over-layered with hand-lettered comments, footnotes, headlines etc. Beside the selection of photographs, the dense, dynamic design of the pages themselves is meant to illustrate the intensity of the events and the highly agitated reactions to them. »Die Gipfelproteste in Hamburg. Global gerecht statt G20!« has 192 pages and is published by Attac.