Attac – G20-Hamburg Protests
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For the mobilization of protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg, Attac provided their many local and regional independent groups, members and supporters with graphics and printed matter, from stickers to leaflets for desktop printing or xeroxing, brochures, customizable posters, billboards, banners, etc. DICEY developed a bold and dynamic key visual adressing potential protesters looking to participate in mass demonstrations, blockades and other actions. In order to account for the many different (sometimes DIY/low key) means of reproduction and formats,
and to deviate from the standard aesthetics of political protests, the design and it’s key compoments are kept non-figurative, minimal and in bright colors. The equally bold illustrations covering the main topics of the protests, can be arranged together with the elements of
the key visual modularly, while these elements also build the starting point for the layouts
of all the related matter.

Photo by Stephanie Handtmann