Otomatik Muziek / Dicey Studios – TOTAL SELF APPROPRIATION
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(This is for the portfolio)

For the enterprising self, mining the deepest recesses of their life for something exploitable, any individual feature or scrap of achievement may come in just handy as latest addition to one’s private and professional portfolio.
Yesterday’s edgy gestures of denial pass seamlessly into carrying on the production and preservation of today’s status quo. Every attempt of self-actualization becomes an act of self-representation, showing off the right argot, style and habitus: total self appropriation as cultural and social production policy.
Employability, Fuckability, Sociability, Flexibility, Compatibility, Excitability — condensed into bold, abstruse tags by Dicey Studios, these particular acts of self-representation come as an extended zine: three scarfs and a booklet made from patches and paper.

You can order the »TOTAL SELF APPROPRIATION« booklet from Otomatik Muziek:
OM #14.1
(18 × 13 cm, solid board cover, 32 pp. fabric & paper, screen & offset printing)

OM #14.1

OM #14.2

OM #14.3

OM #14.4

Installation views from the zine launch at Dicey Studios